Welding and joining technologies

IDONIAL specializes in joining and welding technologies. The center develops its activities in collaboration with companies to provide solutions that imply an improvement in quality and cost and time savings on issues related to this critical process of union.

Main R&D&I Activities developed by this research group include the following:

  • Development of R&D lines and projects for manufacturing optimization.
  • Design of robotic solutions, including simulation and offline programming of the cell for accessibility studies, optimization and trajectory calculation for different types of welded joints.
  • Weldability studies.
  • Design and manufacture of welding tools and special heads.
  • Study of strategies in welding sequences and adjustment of parameters. Welding and manufacturing plan.
  • Study of welding strategies and parameter adjustment. Welding and manufacturing plan. Sequence analysis by FEA.
  • Analysis of distortions in large welded assemblies using the finite element method (FEA). 
    • Design of heat or specific treatments
    • Execution of welding procedures and welder homologation
  • Manufacture of customised reference blocks with induced flaws for non-destructive testing.

Welding images