Biofabrication and bioprinting at IDONIAL

The knowledge and experience in 3D printing technologies allows IDONIAL Technology Center to make a clear commitment to the design and development of custom 3D printing equipment for application in strategic sectors. Among others, the biofabrication and bioprinting processes offer new opportunities in the advancement of the medical sector.


With a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, within this key knowledge line, IDONIAL can:

  • Support the development of new concepts of (bio) printing and advanced manufacturing technologies.
  • Design and develop:
  • Personalized (bio) printing equipment based on the requirements of the (bio) inks and biomaterials used.
  • Custom print heads for multi-material (bio) printing processes.
  • Collaborate in the development of new (bio) hydrogel-based inks capable of being used during the (bio) printing processes for the different application sectors.
  • Provide a new ecosystem of solutions in electronics and control software that complement the personalization of equipment at the structure level and printheads.

For this, the center has:

  • High experience in advanced manufacturing technologies and 3D printing technologies.
  • Equipment capable of carrying out the manufacturing of the different parts of the customized prototypes.
  • Experience in projects both in the use of hydrogels and biomaterials.
  • Network of contacts within the different fields of action for structuring potential consortia.
  • Prototypes of (bio) 3D printers to perform initial validation tests of (bio) inks with customers.

Areas of application

The IDONIAL work methodology can be applied to different high impact sectors, some of the main ones being the following:

  • Tissue engineering: Application of 3D bioprinting technologies in the generation of new tissues for basic research, regenerative medicine or drug testing, among others. Possibility of acting through:
    • Direct application: Hydrogel based biotintas.
    • Indirect application: Biopolymers for the generation of scaffolds.
  • Food printing: custom designs and formulations.
  • 4D printing: health, “energy harvesting”,…
  • Printing medicines (APIs).
  • Biosensory printing.
  • Bacteria: microbiota.
  • Farming.

Bioprinting videos