TECUIDAS _ Technologies focused on promoting the autonomous and healthy longevity of vulnerable groups with difficulties in communication and social interaction

 Misiones Científicas del Principado de Asturias 2022

Objective: The main objective of the project is the definition of a strategic framework that establishes the guidelines for future innovation activities aimed synergistically at improving quality of life and promoting the active aging of vulnerable groups characterized by difficulties in communication and social interaction.

To achieve this general objective, the following partial objectives have been established:

  • Determine the most relevant factors to guarantee the quality of life of people with communication and social interaction deficits during the old age stage.
  • Define personalized treatments and therapies taking into account the biochemical bases of the aging processes associated with this type of disability.
  • Develop solutions based on digital technologies that respond to the specific needs of the target groups in the stages of diagnosis, early care and comprehensive care throughout the entire life cycle.
  • Through technological development, promote the quality and sustainability of support services aimed at target groups throughout the entire life cycle, including both conventional and alternative therapies.
  • Promote personalized support services that respond to the heterogeneity of the needs of the people they serve.
  • Promote the promotion of coordination and the exchange of good practices between public and private resources in order to improve the care required by people with disabilities and their families.

Consortium: Alisys Digital (coordinator), IDONIAL (subcontrat), Fundación Vinjoy, FINBA, Fundación Adansi, Universidad de Oviedo, Aritium Technologies, Bioquochem, DXC Technology, Human Analytics, Micrux Fluidic, Startquake y Asociación TerapyDogs

Collaborators: Pixels-Hub, Centro de recuperación neurológica y aprendizaje CREAS, Club Natación Adaptada Esguines Oviedo y Centro Deportivo EQUIPO.

Duration: July 2022 – September 2023