Development of a simplified methodology for the simulation of Additive Manufacturing process by laser sintering based on the finite element method.

Programme: Programa Asturias 2018-2020

Objective: The general objective of the project is to develop a simplified numerical model, with low computational cost, that allows simulating the additive manufacturing process by metal laser sintering, AM-DMLS (Additive Manufacturing - Direct Metal Laser Sintering) of parts with geometries in Complex 3D using the finite element method. To achieve this objective, it is necessary to achieve several specific objectives: a) prediction of dimensional distortions and residual stresses of complex parts manufactured by AM-DMLS; b) development of an algorithm that allows to pre-deform the initial geometry of the part that will be sent to the machine to be manufactured to counteract the deformations that it will undergo during the manufacturing process; and c) development of the simulation methodology for the prediction of the microstructure of the final part with or without heat treatment.

Duration: january 2018 – Decembre 2020

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