RESERVIST – Repurposing manufacturing lines for providing medical and other products and services in case of spiking demand times

H2020 (Grant agreement no 101016041)

ObjectiveTo setup so-called ‘reservist cells’, that in times of crises can be activated within 48 hours to switch to produce the necessary products and services. The concept starts from what is currently used in military environment or also in humanitarian relief, where ‘rapid response teams’ are constantly on stand-by, ready to be activated in case of a need. The basis is the RESERVIST network, a wide group of actors (companies, RTDs, enablers,… but also end-users) linked to providing medical equipment.  The idea is that at the moment of a trigger, the core partners will use the defined ‘call-to-action’ for a quick check among the network to build an operational cell.

The repurposing of 5 existing manufacturing lines within 48hrs towards manufacturing of ‘textile PPE’ (surgical and respiratory face masks, medical aprons) and ‘respiratory ventilators’ (invasive and non-invasive) will be demonstrated. They will  comply with necessary testing and certification and proceed with the embedment of the reservist cells at the partners in the network.

Consortium: CENTEXBEL (coordinator), IDONIAL, VTT, IAAC, Hospitainer, STAM, MIRTEC, Suominen, SIOEN, Screentec, Deltrian, Normagrup, ArcelorMittal, Nardi Compressori, INDE, ETPT, Pole EMC2

Duration: December 2020-November 2022


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement nº 101016041.