The Steel Square

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The Steel Square is an integral pilot plant that reproduces the entire steelmaking process at scale.

Idonial houses a pilot plant at its headquarters in Aviles, capable of reproducing the entire comprehensive steelmaking process on a scale. Thanks to the work of our researchers and unique equipment in the world, the possibility of testing new materials and new production methods is now a reality. The reproduction of the steel process includes all stages, from continuous casting to annealing and continuous galvanizing.

It is a key and unique technological R&D infrastructure, which constitutes a reference technological core in the development of new steels, processes and solutions for steel-based manufacturing and processing companies. Its benefits are tangible and include among others:

  • Reduction of waiting times
  • Unique development capabilities
  • Manufacture of small batches
  • Demonstration of new technologies (sensors, digitization, etc.)
  • Control of the entire production process

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