IDONIAL participates a as a partner in AILEEN project.

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IDONIAL is happy to announce its participation as a partner in AILEEN- “The Centres of Vocational Excellence in Aerospace and Defence for Advanced Manufacturing”, a project funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme. The project was launched on 19 June 2023 with a kick-off meeting for the whole consortium in Oeiras, Portugal.    

The Aerospace and Defence industry in Europe is experiencing a shortage of skilled personnel.   

The primary objective of AILEEN is therefore to mitigate this shortage by establishing systematic conditions for quality assurance in vocational education and training across the seven participating countries (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom). Providing specialized sectoral training, including the transfer of localized and technical knowledge in advanced manufacturing with a specific focus on the aerospace and defence industry.     

AILEEN aims to set up Centres of Vocational Excellence, so-called CoVEs, for Advanced Manufacturing (AM) across Europe, providing the necessary skills and knowledge required to foster growth and innovation within the industry.     

AILEEN also aims to implement recognized EU qualification systems in Welding and Additive Manufacturing using a modular approach. This approach will take advantage of existing EU transparency frameworks, such as EQF, ECVET, EURES, EQAVET, and ESCO, to enhance and harmonize training standards.  

Work-Based Learning (WBL) approaches and Problem-Based Learning (PBL) methodologies will be central to the training activities, fostering practical skills and hands-on experiences. Additionally, AILEEN will leverage digital tools, including Augmented/Virtual Reality training, to capitalize on EU advanced manufacturing initiatives.  

AILEEN is a 4-year project that commenced in June 2023, boasting an impressive overall EU grant worth €2,837,147.00. The project brings together 18 esteemed partners from seven countries, all invested in strengthening the Aerospace and Defence sector, and is led by the renowned European Welding Federation (EWF)    

Fact box:  

CoVES are an initiative by the European Union to drive innovation and excellence in vocational education and training, by bringing together a wide range of local partners such as VET providers, employers, chambers, research centres, development agencies, employment services, and social partners (among others), to co-create "skills ecosystems" that contribute to regional economic and social development, innovation, and smart specialisation strategies.  

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