IDONIAL: first accredited Spanish entity for training in additive manufacturing

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The IDONIAL Technology Center becomes the first Spanish entity accredited (ATB) by the Spanish Welding Association (CESOL) as a training center for professional technical profiles within the additive manufacturing sector. The center already has preliminary authorization and will finish the rest of the homologation process this year.

The training provided by IDONIAL for the technical profiles of Designer and Operator for the processing of metallic materials using Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) technologies will meet the requirements reflected in the Additive Manufacturing Directive of the European Federation of Welding (EWF). IDONIAL will use all its technical potential, infrastructure and extensive experience of its human team to carry out such training, thus allowing the relevant qualifications to be obtained for professionals who require it. Students who demonstrate the minimum level of knowledge will be awarded an international EWF certificate. thus having these recognition and validity within the umbrella of the European Union.

IDONIAL collaborates with CESOL and EWF in various strategic initiatives at European level in training issues in order to have the material and systems necessary to train and retrain workers in new technologies such as additive manufacturing. Within the framework of the European Erasmus + consortium project “Creating KnowLedge and SkiLLs in Additive Manufacturing - CLLAIM” a complete qualification system is developed for the additive manufacturing sector in metallic materials technologies - covering the technical profiles of Inspector, Supervisor, Designer and Operator -, in order to create a harmonized qualification map at European level. The CLLAIM project, made up of an international consortium, aims to lay the foundations and generate the knowledge necessary to develop a common European training framework, thanks to which, professionals in the additive manufacturing sector will be trained regardless of their origin, recognizing their skills and abilities within the aforementioned technology. In the same way, it will allow to recognize the previous knowledge acquired by professionals in the 3D printing sector based on their experience and today, not officially recognized by any accredited body.

In the project “SAM-sector Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing” a European strategy is developed to address the current European need to identify and anticipate the necessary skills in the industry in relation to these technologies.

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